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March 22, 2011


The Ministry Adventures of Terra Leavens
Serving with Campus for Christ, Canada
In this episode:
  • personal thoughts on darkness
  • updates on the Reading Week Project
  • exciting news about Sept 2011 & Glasgow, Scotland
  • prayer requests

“Even the darkness is not dark to You”

Two weeks ago I started a video based bible study called “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. I am delighted by the insights, reminders and challenges it is bringing into my life and soul.  Today’s homework brought me to Psalm 139:7-12 where I was reminded that God’s presence is constant in my life. Especially in view of the trials of the past few years I was blessed to read,

“If I say, “Surely the darkness will overwhelm me, and the light around me will be night,” Even the darkness is not dark to You, and the night is as bright as day, Darkness and light are alike to You”.

I was reminded that as I go through storms and trials Christ is with me in the darkness. His love is strong and though it might not always be palatable I can know that He is with me.
In what ways does the reminder of Christ’s constant presence give you comfort and courage?

(Spring Moon, March 20, 2011, Toronto from Daily Dose of Imagery)

Updates & Up Coming

Scotland Project 2011

As one of the Partnership Directors for our ongoing international partnership with the United Kingdom I am pleased to report that God continues to be moving in this partnership blessing both us as senders and the UK as receivers.  First I share a short letter from Ross & Kat the directors of Student Life (Campus for Christ) in Glasgow on the results of receiving our 5th Reading Break Project. Second I will share some updates on the next steps in this partnership.

Dear friends of Campus for Christ,
We are writing on behalf of your sister ministry, Student Life Glasgow to offer a heartfelt thanks for the prayers and financial giving with which you helped make our recent Canadian Spring break project possible. Thanks to you we received more than double the number of Canadian students compared to the same project this time last year. (my note: actually this is the largest project we have ever sent in one week!) Thanks to you we had an unbelievable week of gospel ministry here in Glasgow. Our movement here in Glasgow is young, less than two years old, and many of our students have until now only had a mental picture of what our movement could look. Your students arrived and gave them a walking, talking demonstration of a student movement committed to sharing the gospel with every student possible, in word and deed.

Thanks to your support we have seen more students come to faith in one week, than in the entire period of our ministry so far in Glasgow (*7). Your Canadian students rode roughshod over a climate of massive apathy and resistance to Christ, and they did it with their faith, hope, love and more joy than we knew what to do with. Our partnership with Canada has become a vital plank in building our movement in Scotland. Thank you sincerely for making it possible for the student/staff you supported to be a part of what God is doing here in Scotland.
Yours sincerely, Ross McCall & Kathryn Dray
Campus Directors, Student Life Glasgow

Read more about the project & learn more about Agape UK here.

STINT 2011 (Short Term International)

STINT stands for Short Term International and is a way for students graduating in our movement and current Campus Staff to give 1 to 2 years of their lives to full-time campus ministry in an international context. In 2008 we sent our first STINT team to Edinburgh, Scotland of which I was the team leader.

This year, we will be sending our second team to the UK to integrate with the local staff in Glasgow, Scotland.  In partnership with the local leadership we will seek to “let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of the Word”.  I am very excited that God continues to answer our prayers to help the UK establish a lasting and effective movements of evangelism, while increasing Canadian students heart for the world. So far, this team consists of a young married Staff couple from Calgary and Joyce Hoogenboom who was on my STINT team in Edinburgh. A few others are in the application process.

Prayer Requests:

  • Coaching – I will be coaching this team as it prepares to go overseas. Pray for wisdom, a calm heart and great connections with the team.
  • Team Formation – Pray for a few more individuals to be accepted to the team to round it out, and for the team to begin bonding.
  • Arrival & Set Up Details – Housing, Support, Team bonding, Cultural Adjustment… you know the drill.

Prayer Items


Thank you so much for your prayers on my behalf as I have struggled this past year to reconcile my love for my new team and role and my need to be in Toronto health-wise.  I have struggled a lot with the desire to be closer to my team (in Guelph,ON) but with the intense feeling that moving to this small family town would prove to be a step backward in my recovery from exhaustion.  After much deliberating and prayer I have determined that as a next step I should pursue moving to North-West Mississauga. This will allow me to remain in the Great Toronto Area, attending church and maintaining my social network, but put me within a 45 minute commute to our Guelph office. So thus begins the hunt!

Pray with me:

  • The Place: in my ideal location, within my budget, with natural light & local amenities
  • To Roommate or not to roommate: Should I seek out a new roommate? Who would this be?
  • A replacement for me in my current apartment: My current roommate, Aban wishes to stay in our place and so I have agreed to help find a roommate to fill my spot. Pray for the right person and the right timing.
  • Timing: I am hoping to move by June 1.
  • Finances. Moving costs money 🙂 and I am anticipating an increase in my car insurance and possibly monthly rent.

Thanks for reading & for your prayers,
Since you are already here, why not leave a comment?

In what specific way are you waiting on God today?