August 16, 2010


The Ministry Adventures of Terra Leavens
Campus for Christ, National Evangelism Strategies
Looking forward to September…

Thank you for your prayers over the past few weeks.  At Campus Days I enjoyed working with my new team to roll out the projects we have been working on all summer to our staff.  It was exciting to receive their positive feedback as well as hold physical products in our hands of all our hard work.  If you have ever been involved in developing new tools, training, and strategies you will appreciate just how much works goes into things behind the scenes. I am excited that I am able to apply my skills and creative side to develop these new evangelistic resources for our staff and students.  Also at Campus Days I was encouraged by the two British Campus staff who joined us.  Their presence helped to continue our partnership, building trust and relationship as we seek to bring the gospel to the prodigal children of the UK.

Staff Conference was a bit overwhelming at times with so many staff and a lot of input on the vision and direction of Power to Change.  But I was glad for the chance to connect with staff and it was encouraging to see how our ministry continues to remain serious about bringing Christ to Canada and to thinking practically and passionately about the gospel.  If you are looking for opportunities to expand your own ministry opportunities here in Canada perhaps you would consider becoming an online mentor with our Mentor Center.  You can find out about it here.

September is coming!
Only a few weeks away from the most exciting time of the year for Campus Ministry here in Canada.  I am working hard to make sure all our Real Life Kits (read about and see the products I helped create) arrive on time to our Campuses and that all the follow up materials (Magazine, Follow Up Studies and training) are ready for Frosh Weeks. Lots still to do.  Most Campus Staff start back to work in the next two weeks and my own team will be meeting for the first time for our Team Orientation August 23 – 25 in Guelph.

Prayer Needed:
I continue to need your prayers, support and encouragement.
– I am anxious about how things may come together for my work this fall.  I don’t know yet how I will work long-distance from my team (as they will be in Guelph, ON). I don’t yet have a solution to the problem of not desiring to work on my own but also not being able at this time to commute so far (over an hour one way) or move closer.  Pray for a solution, peace and patience for God’s solution.
– My financial support continues to be a concern and worry for me.  Please pray for God’s abundant provision.
– Healing. I am still not recovered from the great losses of my time overseas. Pray for God’s healing and revival of my trust of Him, my heart for the lost and my passion/purpose in His kingdom.  Pray for understanding of my own internal world and God’s healing for my heart and body.

Thank you for your partnership in my life.