2.7 Million

This is the number of times we expect the Good News to be heard through the various ministries of Power to Change in the coming year. Our budgeting and planning cycle is nearly complete and this is one of the results I was able to obtain instantly from the system I built this year. This has actually never been done before within our organization, at least not without months of work piecing together dissimilar data sets.

My boss, Russ, showed my work to Erik Butz, Global VP of Operations for CCCI, whose comment was, “This is a low-cost method we should use all over the world.” Erik is looking to improve processes in his own office and I will be assisting him in that. God has given me this talent for spreadsheets and a place to exercise it. It would really be something if I could help our partners in other countries utilize a freely available technology to pull data together and help leaders make better decisions.