People only want to talk. Nobody knows how to listen.

Why do people broadcast what they had for breakfast on Facebook? Or complain about their homework? Or post photos from their vacation? They desire to be in relationship. People today live on the Internet and form their relationships there. As unhealthy as you may view this, we still need to send missionaries to where the people are (yes, to the Internet).

How? The Indigitous Conference is part of our answer to that challenge. Young people today are indigenous to the digital world and this past month, over 100 mission-minded, talented individuals came together in Waterloo, ON to collaborate on ways to make disciples with the help of digital media.

What was the common thread? Listening and responding to people as individuals. Traditional digital strategy is about getting your message and format right to maximize your audience response. This doesn’t work anymore because the audience doesn’t just want information. They want relationship. We must turn from being broadcasters to becoming listeners.

Jesus Daily is one of the largest Facebook pages in the world with over 24 million fans. Every week, the page receives thousands of private messages asking, “How can I know Jesus?” but it’s operated by just one man. He can’t answer them all. But what if it were possible to respond to all those people? What if you could help? You can. Find out how to get started.