AIA Partners! – GAiN Canada provides disease-free water to 500,000 people

(GAiN, Global Aid Network, is the Humanitarian Aid division of Power To Change.
Athletes in Action and GAiN regularly partner on overseas projects in third world countries) 

GAiN just achieved a significant milestone with the Water For Life Initiative. Here is an
excerpt from the recent release. Pretty Cool!

500 deep-capped water wells have been provided to approximately half a million people.

Women and children are no longer carrying water over extremely long distances, children are attending school, the cycle of sickness and death is being broken, hope is being restored, and economic activity is being stimulated. With every well, villagers are also receiving additional opportunities to develop their community; opportunities such as borehole committee training, hygiene and sanitation training, gender equality training, and medical and dental clinics.

GAiN’s WFLI began as a small well-drilling project in the villages of southern China and has since grown to include a variety of nations where clean water sources are few, including Benin, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo and Thailand. Thousands of lives have been literally transformed by the provision of fresh pure water.

…While recognizing this momentous occasion, GAiN continues to look toward the future. “Strengthening GAiN’s local teams, equipping and training the 44 national staff as well as
solidifying partnerships will be key to the success of the next 500 wells,” shares Dennis
Fierbach, GAiN’s Director for Water Strategies.

For those of you that have played a part in the Water for Life Initiative…thank you!  You have helped impact many lives and many communities.