Oct. 6, 2014 Update


Dear Friends,

Just a quick note to say thank you for praying for our Convergence & Summit retreats last weekend.  We had an excellent weekend — the weather was outstanding, the surroundings were stunning, and God was at work in the hearts of all the students who attended.

A couple highlights from my vantage point:

  • This is perhaps small, but personally I had an excellent “language” weekend.  Throughout both of my talks, I found words quickly and easily, and was able to communicate with clarity and humour.  As anyone who works in a second language will tell you, there are somedays where language comes easily, and others where you struggle. I’m thankful for great “french” days with the students!
  • On Friday night, before I spoke, we invited a student named Suzie to share her story. You may remember Suzie from last year… her life was changed when she gave her life to Christ at Convergence in 2013. Suzie explained to the other students that last year, she had prayed on the Friday night that God would somehow reveal Himself to her over the weekend.  She committed to giving the weekend to Him, if He would just reveal Himself.  And He did!  It was inspiring to have Suzie challenging students to give their weekend to the Lord, believing that He would meet them this year too.
  • There were some non-Christian students who attended the retreat again this year who were challenged throughout the weekend to investigate Jesus.  Some of these students are taking next steps with God.
  • Matt & Dahlia came along with me for the weekend, a mini-tradition born out of Loni being sick last year when I was leaving for Convergence.  The highlight of the weekend for me was actually the conversations that I had with M&D and the way that they were excited to serve the students alongside me all weekend.  We took time together to pray for the students, to pray for missions, and to talk about what “Daddy’s job” is – helping students to discover Jesus.
Thanks for the vital role that you played in praying for this special time of ministry! I’m so thankful for the important part that you have in this ministry.

Teaching students at Convergence