Faith in a Great God

“I don’t have to have great faith, I just have to have faith in a great God,” says Janet Fierbach, Director of Intercultural Network. She reports on the recent activity in this ministry.


“We have many women in Discovery Groups – in fact, 14 Cantonese – speaking women from outreaches in the spring are now in discovery groups! These women are bringing friends and several have connected their lives to Christ. We are seeing a lot of growth and are relying on God.”


“WHEN (Women’s Heart Engaging Network) is a relationship-based strategy that is really working to connect women to Christ. We’ve had a Cantonese team for 4 years and in January we launched a Filipino group in Edmonton. An African WHEN team is being developed in the Fraser Valley, as well as a YWHEN (Young Women’s Heart Engaging Network) and an Intercultural WHEN in Vancouver.”

“There are also lots of events being planned for September and October by these new teams. Praise the LORD! We plant and we water, but God causes it to grow. It’s tremendously exciting!“


“Some of our leaders are being inspired to think about how they could grow this strategy across the country. God is doing great things and we are very grateful!”