I made it to Guelph

I left my driveway on Sunday Aug 3 at about 8:30 am. It was tiring. I took few photos along the way. I would have liked to take more, but I preferred to maintain the schedule I had set for myself. 4560 km and 5 days later I arrived at my colleagues’ place in Guelph to stay for a week before my furniture arrived in a great big crate.

See you laters

It was difficult to say, “See you later” to all my friends on the west coast. Sometimes, I wonder, “Why did I move? I’m so far from all these people now.” I even anticipated feeling this way, yet I chose to move believing God would meet me here and fulfill that part of my life. I need to have patience with the process of getting to know people here. So, would you pray for me in that regard, that I would settle into the right social group here?

Thank You

To those of you who took the time to hear my appeal over the past few months and especially to those who prayed or gave financially, you have my gratitude. I was able to raise over $500/month in that time. Not just this calendar year, but the last twelve months have been my most successful and fruitful season of support raising in the last 5 years. God must have grown me in some fashion because my attitude about the whole process seems different from the past.

New Office

Here’s my new office. It’s a little devoid in August, but that will change rapidly in the coming weeks as school approaches. Below, Eric (smiling) and Paul are building a camera rig for filming purposes.