“I’m the first practising Christian that they have met.”

“I’m the only Christian in all of my classes. For all of my friends, I’m the first practising Christian that they have met,” said Laurence from the Universit√© de Sherbrooke at this year’s Power to Change Plus Conference in Toronto. She tells her story of trusting in God to form relationships with people with whom she could share her faith in Jesus.

Advance to the 11:00 mark to hear Laurence’s story.

Although Laurence may be singular among her own circles, she is not alone. Jesus is always with her, but she also has the example and support of our staff in Quebec who regularly visit her campus to provide training and encouragement. She asked God to show her the people around her who were already seeking Him. “To see God answer my prayers so concretely encouraged me to continue praying and to ask Him for things that seemed impossible from my perspective.”

Power to Change Plus is our national student ministry conference. It brings together students from dozens of campuses who are experiencing much the same thing as Laurence and reveals to them the bigger picture of God’s work across Canada and around the world. My experience at a Power to Change conference led me to test out my faith in another country on a short-term trip and ultimately to my decision to enter full-time ministry.

I am now transitioning to a full-time conference planning role to begin in July in Guelph, ON. My desire is to help expand the influence of our conferences and see more and more students, like Laurence, make life changing decisions each year.

With this transition to my new role, I need to raise $1500/month to be fully supported so that I can begin my new role. Would you be willing to partner with me in this effort in any or all of the following ways?

  1. Pray that God would work mightily through our conferences and pray for my support level to reach my goal.
  2. Prayerfully consider giving either $50, $75, $100 per month or whatever God has laid upon your heart to give to help meet my support so that finances would not be a hindrance in my new role? If you are already giving monthly, thank you! Would you considering praying to see if God would like to increase your monthly giving?
  3. Recommend friends and family who you think would be interested in hearing about my ministry and be involved in partnering to help students discover Jesus.

I would love to spend a little time visiting with you if you’re in the Lower Mainland before I depart around the end of June. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at 778.808.1902 or john.homenuke[at] to arrange that. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel.