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New Role for Me in Ontario

I’ve accepted a new role with the Power to Change – Students Conference Strategies team, which requires me to work out of our office in Guelph, Ontario. I’m expecting to make the move in July.

What is Conference Strategies? Every year we host about a dozen events across the country and, traditionally, our campus staff take time away from their usual duties to organize them. This new team works year-round to set the vision and framework for these events, allowing on-campus staff to simply plug in with teaching and activity content instead of the administrative burden.

Why the switch? I’ve always loved our conferences. Many students, including myself, have made life changing decisions at these events. I want to see them get larger and continue to deliver great content. On top of that, I’ve been lacking a certain satisfaction in my current role for a period of time now. If I’m going to raise funds for the job I do, strong motivation is essential and I’d rather see someone new bring new ideas and new energy to my IT role.

The Conference Strategies team is barely a team yet. I will only be the second full-time member of it. This means covering new territory and solving new problems, which excites me!

It also means covering new territory in my Christian walk. I first moved out of my folks’ house 10 years ago, but with some back and forth since then. Oakridge Baptist is the only church I’ve ever been a member of.

This is a huge change for me. I really covet your prayers for my preparations and my humility. It wasn’t an easy decision. I will miss a lot of people and I know they will miss me too. I was told by a friend, “As long as you have peace about the decision, I’m happy for you.” The peace only came after I made the decision in late December.

My role with IT has now ended and my current role with the Students ministry will be handed off temporarily. I will now spend a few months raising funds to replace the subsidy provided by IT.


Power to Change Plus Conference December 2013

I’ve been assisting with these conferences for a number of years now and evangelism has long been a component of the event. This year, our students used our Mentor Centre software to do evangelism online. There are always more people contacting us online than we can follow up with (literally tens of thousands). Why not put our students to work on those who are already awaiting a response?