So what are you still doing on campus?

Over the last seven years working as both volunteers and paid staff with Power to Change (formerly known as Campus for Christ) we have seen students encountering Christ. This time has been a testimony to the fact that God is at work on campus changing lives. These past four years in Québec have been both fun and challenging as we both adjusted to a different language and culture. Between the two of us we have worked on 5 different campuses in two different cities. In 2011 Willy moved to Montréal to marry Jess and begin life and ministry there on the French campuses.

“The campus is the clear fulcrum from which to move the world… more potently than by any other means, change the university and you change the world.”
-Charles Malik
Frmr. U.N General Assembly President

In our ministries on campus we have seen many people make decisions to follow Jesus, and had the opportunity to build into lives of both new and more mature believers. Jess has had a few special opportunities to disciple students who graduated and are now working in Montreal and living out their faith and evangelistic training in their workplace. It’s exciting for both of us to see how Power to Change was so significant in our lives and now we can carry that on in the lives of the students we’re working with today.

We’re working hard to figure out what the heartbeat of these Quebécois students is, and we’re definitely making inroads. This fall we have been asking students “What do you crave in life?” or in French, “De quoi as-tu soif dans ta vie?” more students respond positively to our questions about spirituality and faith in God than ever before. Using this strategy, we’re helping students reach their peers.

It was through Power to Change in Montréal that both of us heard of the need here in Québec. For Jess it was through her experience doing the Montréal summer project as a student in 2006, for Willy it was through his regular Reading Week missions trip to Montreal in 2008. Now, as we both serve alongside each other in Montréal, we are constantly reminded of the need here for the people of Québec to know the truth about Christ. Yet time and time again as we talk to students we can see how they are uniquely open to discussions about faith, spirituality and the gospel.

We are now in positions of leadership, Willy as he leads the French staff team and Jess as she develops staff and resources. We see these University students uniquely positioned to be the future of Québec, a future that can include believers who live out their faith in their workplace and communities. We see this opportunity as one we cannot miss out being a part of and God continues to affirm our place in this story. We are excited to give other people the opportunity to partner with us and have their own place in this story alongside us.