Potential to Reach 900 Million Facebook Users

At about 21 million fans, Jesus Daily ranks only 127th in size among all Facebook pages. Where it ranks far above every other page is engagement with its audience. In addition to fans, Facebook also measures the number of “people talking about” the page. For Jesus Daily, this number consistently sits at around 30% of its fans. The next most engaging page on the planet only achieves 6%.

Jesus Daily does this by posting simple images and messages that call for a simple response such as “Like if Jesus saves” or “Like if you believe…”, etc. If every fan of Jesus Daily shared one of its posts, that post could appear in the news feed of 900 million other users.

Now, imagine the number of private messages Jesus Daily receives each day. People who visit the page have questions about God and they send messages because they’re seeking answers. Right now, Jesus Daily has over 80,000 unanswered messages in its inbox that likely came from those 900 million connected users.

We have partnered with Jesus Daily to help them answer their mail. The Mentor Center is a piece of software that connects people seeking answers with volunteers (known as online mentors) who have answers. Any Christian can apply to be a mentor. Once accepted, training is provided entirely online. Mentors can choose to receive as few or as many messages as they want per week. Would you like to become an online mentor? Visit

Now consider this: It’s also possible for the Mentor Center to respond to comments on Jesus Daily posts. That’s 400,000 comments per day — something to pray about for the future.