I mentioned to Life Ministry’s national team leader, Dixon, that I could help fix their website It’s probably been “under construction” for 3 years now. He was more than pleased to have me assist. We set aside a day at the office for me to train three local staff in the use of WordPress. I arrived at the office at 10am that day to discover that their internet access was not working. So, we decided to head back to the Stricklands’ home to work there. Despite other minor setbacks that day, we accomplished much. No one in the country seemed to know the login info for their server space, so we (Canada) decided to buy them a new domain and hosting plan for 3 years at a total cost of $178.20. This isn’t much for us, but it’s a huge expense for the Ugandan ministry. The Stricklands’ power (and internet) was only off for an hour that day. That’s a good day for power. The high point for me was when the local staff clapped for joy when they added a link to the menu bar for the first time.

Their new website:

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