Inspire Multiplication

God has entrusted us with a massive task: to make disciples everywhere!  When you do a little arithmetic, you realize that even if our entire staff team (about 500 people) each introduced 50 people to Jesus in a year, and then did that again every year for twenty years, we would only reach half a million people.  Out of seven billion on the planet!

This is why I’m so excited about our new vision and focus:  Inspire Multiplication.  There are an estimated three million evangelical Christians across Canada.  Imagine if we could get better and better at equipping believers to share the Gospel and to inspire their friends to do the same!  Imagine if we could mobilize three million believers to be a volunteer army for the cause of Christ!

At our recent staff conference, we challenged our team to come up with the most innovative, creative multiplication strategies they could imagine.  The results were incredible!  Athletes in Action set their sights on an untapped group with massive potential for influence: local community coaches.  Global Aid Network came up a powerful and simple new approach for self-sustaining church planting movements in Africa.  Power to Change Students developed a mobile app to equip and support Christians as they engage their friends in spiritual conversations.  Inspire Multiplication.  With God’s help, we’re on our way.  And we pray that the world will never be the same!

– Leonard Buhler