Integrating two worlds

Much of the world seems to live in two worlds: online and offline. A person can live two different lives in two different worlds, or a bit of both, or try to integrate them.

Almost all students spend a significant amount of their time online, but very few Christians seem to have an understanding of how to leverage their online opportunities to help others discover Jesus. Most students seem to view ministry with a silo perspective, failing to draw the connection between online and offline.

Power to Change (P2C) has created a faith adventure / tool for Christians (students/non-students alike) to share their offline world online. This Faith Adventure, My Story, provides a great introduction to pushing beyond these limitations, as well as a basic understanding on how to connect with people online.

Students who go through the My Story training have a tool, their story, that can be used in evangelism for the rest of their lives. Even if they don’t use the actual version of their story many times, they have the basic foundation and framework to use for a lifetime.

For a glimpse of these stories, here are two.

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