Why Montreal?

A few reasons:

1. Quebec represents the largest unreached people group in North America.  This means that without outside involvement, the church in Quebec could not hope to reach their own people.  Typically, sociologists would say that Quebec is 0.5% evangelical Christian, which is comparable to some countries in the middle east!

2. Montreal is the North American city with the highest number of university students per capita!  This city is packed with students, nearly 250,000 of them!  Not only are there lots of students, but Montreal also boasts influential schools, such as McGill University and l’Université de Montréal.

3. Montreal is a leading cultural center internationally.  If you were to talk about influential cities of the world, Montreal would rank as an important center culturally and artistically.  In the Francophone world, Montreal is a significant exporter of culture, producing movies, music, and art that influences the whole Francophone world!