Our calling

So what are you still doing on campus?

Over the last 12 years, God has given us the privilege of being involved in seeing students lives changed as they have encountered Christ.  Our years serving at Carleton University and now on the campuses in Montreal have been a testimony to how God is at work on the university campus, and how university students can change the world!

We moved to Montreal in 2004 to launch the ministry here and we’ve seen God faithfully bless our work over the last 9 years.  Year after year we’ve seen students come to faith in Christ, we’ve had the opportunity to build into and train Christians and new Christians, and we’ve been able to send those students out to the world, whether to the marketplace or to vocational ministry to continue to have an impact for Christ.  We started with a handful of students spread across two campuses, and anticipate starting our 8th through 10th campuses in the city this year.

We’ve worked hard to come up with creative outreaches in these last years as well, and over the last 9 years have shared the gospel with thousands of students through a variety of events and strategies.

God used our initial involvement as students back in Ottawa to call us to serve full-time in ministry with Power to Change.  As we look at our lives and consider the many different things that we could be doing, there is nothing that captures our hearts and imaginations more than serving God here in Quebec, reaching out to students with the message that God has created them to know Him personally.